A couple of years ago, the VP of HR for a division of an international manufacturer asked to meet because his boss wanted to explore the benefits of an Employee Engagement Survey.

We discussed the research that has revealed significant increases in productivity and quality – in addition to reductions in turnover and accidents – resulting from increased employee engagement. The VP added that his company heavily relied on performance metrics and he wanted an HR metric that his department could drive.

We conducted the survey across their plants, analyzed and reported their survey results – segmented by manager – to the leadership team. Throughout the next 12 months the client provided survey feedback to their managers and coached them in implementing individualized improvement plans.

One year later the company asked us to conduct a second survey. And we certainly enjoyed reporting the second-year results to the leadership team because their degree of employee engagement had increased 10%!

We can’t say that the 10% increase in engagement resulted in 10% increases in productivity or quality or 10% decreases in turnover and accidents. However, the extensive research indicates that the increase in engagement had a very positive impact on the business – which the VP had hoped to achieve.

Pete Tosh
Founder, The Focus Group