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Did you miss the GEA Spring Conference?

Here are three powerpoints from Constangy, Brooks, Smith and Prophete attorneys who presented at the Georgia Employers’ Association Spring Conference in Savannah on April 16 and 17, 2018.

Attorney Jeff Thompson provides an overview of the Trump administration’s accomplishments one year into the first term and what’s still on the agenda. Thompson provided an EEOC update and discussed expectations in the coming year. Increases to exempt salary requirements and the Obama era overtime rule are dead, but “kinder, gentler” modifications are expected. Issues on the horizon include pay equity and the Equal Pay Act of 1963. Employers should consider conducting a compensation analysis to determine compliance and changes that may be needed.

Concerns about changes to the wage and hour exemption standard have been allayed, but awareness of overtime requirements is higher, resulting in a 400% increase in FLSA overtime cases, according to attorney Alyssa K. Peters.  Peters also discussed the positives and negatives of social media in the workplace in her presentation. Sexual harassment concerns are a current topic in light of the #metoo movement.  Slides are included that relate to employers’ legal exposure and the importance of sexual harassment awareness training.

Constangy attorney Jonathan Martin provided an overview of the National Labor Relations Act of 1935 in his conference presentation.  Slides cover new appointees to the National Labor Relations Board and new counsel. A change in direction has already occurred and Martin believes that the many of the Obama era changes will be reversed.  Changes will continue to impact company policies and employers should conduct a handbook review to remain current and in compliance. In addition, employers should continue to be proactive with a positive employee relations stance. Martin’s slides include communications tips and a “to-do” list for employers.