Administrative AssistantIt’s counter-intuitive, because you’d think that costs and pay scales would always be higher in the big city. Administrative Assistants actually earn slightly higher wages in Macon than in Atlanta.

According to information collected in GEA’s 2017 Wage and Compensation Survey, admins make $19.37/hour on average in Atlanta, compared with $23.31 in the Macon area. That’s a difference of roughly $8,000/yr in annualized wages. The data was gathered from both small and large operations, with a concentration of manufacturing firms.

Many GEA members tell us that the data collected in each year’s survey is valuable both for planning and for assuring that their compensation packages are competitive. This year’s survey report contains specific wage data for 63 positions, plus new information on bonuses and benefits. The 2017 Survey Report is available for purchase now.

In today’s economy, the level of competition for the best talent is high and it’s projected to stay that way in the coming year. Getting and keeping the best employees can be a challenge, and GEA’s upcoming Benefit and Compensation Workshop is designed to help Georgia companies with benchmarking and the best strategies to succeed in a competitive job market. It’s scheduled for November 9 in Macon. Click the links for more information about the workshop or to register online.


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