How much do Georgia Employees make in bonus pay?

GEA has recently completed our 2017 Wage and Salary Survey. Many thanks to the companies that participated. For the first time, this year’s survey included questions about bonus and overtime pay. 75% of the survey respondents currently have a bonus program and the percentage of payroll is as much as 31% for some employee segments.

Here’s a sampling of the data results:

Bonus pay chart

The Wage and Salary Survey includes data from 28 employers around the state. Specific data is included for 63 job descriptions. It’s an interesting and valuable resource to help you insure that your compensation is competitive with other Georgia employers. Participants will be receiving their free copy of the data within the next couple of weeks. If you didn’t participate, but would like to benefit from the survey information, the report is available for purchase from GEA.

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