Active Minerals

I first became aware of the Employee Engagement Survey when it was recommended by the Georgia Employers’ Association several years ago. I looked into the process and liked what I saw. I spoke with my management team and the process and questionnaire made sense to them as well. We decided to try it at one of our plants in Georgia.

GEA came on site, worked around our schedule, and administered the survey. After compiling the results, GEA provided a written report with the scores segmented by department, and supervisor. They also worked with us to develop action plans for improvement.

The survey was successful in providing what we needed and we decided in 2012 to do it again for several locations in the company. I can endorse the GEA’s Employee Engagement Survey as a practical, cost effective, and easy to administer. It helped us achieve the results we were looking for.

Wayne Thompson
Regional HR Manager
Active Minerals


Bridgestone Golf

Bridgestone Golf worked with the Georgia Employers’ Association to conduct an Employee Engagement Survey because our leadership team believes that it is a sound practice to periodically seek input from our teammates to identify what is working well in our workplace and where we have opportunities for improvement. Because each teammate sees the company from their individual perspective, we felt it valuable to obtain those insights to help provide our leadership and management teams with information that would be very useful in leading our company going forward.

The survey identified by Coordinator or departmental manager, the areas where we had high engagement and a positive work environment as well as those areas where we needed improvement. GEA then helped by providing us with suggested improvements company wide and for each individual Coordinator or departmental manager.

We want our employees engaged, committed and feeling a part of the team. The Employee Engagement Survey is a very effective tool at helping companies reach those objectives.


Candace Morris
HR Director
Bridgestone Golf, Inc.


Pacor, Inc.

We have utilized the Georgia Employers’ Association Employee Engagement & Union Vulnerability Survey since 2009. We have found that it provided succinct, pertinent and useful insight into our Associate’s level of Engagement as well as Union Vulnerability. We believe in order to stay competitive in today’s economic climate all employees must be engaged and have positive relationships with their managers. This survey has enabled us to accomplish this.

GEA has been a great resource in the rollout and administration process. They facilitated the survey within our multi-site locations. Results were analyzed and presented to the leadership team promptly and professionally. The survey results pinpointed items that were actionable and with GEA’s assistance we were able to identify areas that needed correction. The survey confirmed some issues that we suspected needed improvement. I strongly recommend the survey and GEA’s services.

J. Luling
Pacor, Inc

Bard Manufacturing

Bard Manufacturing has been a member of the Georgia Employers’ Association for over 20 years. We now use GEA to facilitate our employee engagement surveys. We used a traditional survey process until 2010 when GEA introduced us to the Employee Engagement & Union Vulnerability Survey. The GEA staff has a great deal of experience in survey administration and it only takes a short time for employees to complete the survey.  They can also convert the employee questionnaire to languages other than English if necessary.

Survey results are generated in a timely manner. Our survey is segmented by supervisor so that we can look at how our employees feel about their individual supervisor. In some cases the survey documented what we already knew.   Once a supervisor’s strengths and weaknesses are known, you can then implement development plans, with the intent of improving employee engagement. We have used the Employee Engagement and Union Vulnerability Survey every other year since about 2010 and have been very pleased with the results. We plan to continue this practice.


Chris Anderson
Bard Manufacturing
Human Resource Manager