time for leadership

February 11, 2020 – 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
Location: Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce

One of the major issues facing your organization is keeping and developing their most talented and seasoned employees. Your leaders in an organization have a significant impact in the success of a business. They can make or break you. This workshop is designed to help your leaders learn the importance of culture, positive mindset and training to help your business succeed and gives your leaders proven methods to be successful in building a culture of loyalty, customer service focus, productivity and vision.

Who should attend?

Owners, Directors, Senior Leadership, New Leaders, and Potential Leaders in Your Organization.


Build a Culture where people want to be a part of your organization.
– Learn the significance of valuing your team and how & why building a culture where buy-in from your team members is profitable.

Create a Positive Mindset for Leaders
– Create a leadership environment where leaders are people who are growing through proactive thought processes.
– Develop a new mindset of coaching.
– Yesterday was the time for “managing”, Today is a time for “leading.”

Prepare for Excellence through training and communication
– Tell, Show, Do….A team member can create their own way of preparing food, but, if you expect excellence you must spend time with them to communicate your organizations successful expectations, processes and vision.

Cost: $125. GEA membership not required for this training.