Leading Your Team in a Virtual Environment:
Live Webinar

Presented in Conjunction with The Focus Group
Presenter: Pete Tosh
Time: April 13, 2020 – 9:30am – 11:00am EST

Basic Overview of Webinar:

working from homeCOVID-19 has changed the world and certainly our business environment. Millions of employees are now working remotely and this work-from-home paradigm may never fully switch back.

Recent surveys conducted by PwC, Gallup, International Workplace Group and other research houses have found that:

  • Many employees have become used to working from home and expect that to become their new normal – especially if they have shown that they are as productive
  • Many organizations have already adopted a hybrid workforce while Facebook and Microsoft have asked their employees to work from home on a long-term or potentially permanent basis

So, organizations are recognizing that virtual leadership will be vital to their future success!

Yes, leading remotely is leading – the task is the same and so many sound leadership practices apply. However, what is different is how to apply those leadership practices in different communication mediums and environments. And the way in which a leader applies those practices is significant!

Leading virtually is challenging because:

  • Leaders have communicated in person for a lifetime and interacting through Zoom, email, texts, etc. seems cold, impersonal and leads to misinterpretation
  • Communicating face-to-face provides rich feedback – tone of voice, rate of speech, facial expressions, body language, etc. While our remote communication options lack some or all of these communication clues
  • With fewer touchpoints with their direct reports, leaders have fewer opportunities to assess whether their team is aligned, motivated and performing

What will you Learn?

Leaders, managers and supervisors will learn to use many proven remote leadership practices such as how to:

  • Connect with team members and actively reduce their sense of isolation
  • Facilitate self-sufficiency by setting clear goals and regularly checking in to see what coaching and support are needed
  • Sustain and enhance employee performance through virtual team meetings and 1-on-1s
  • Encourage collaboration and relationship building so team members will reach out to others for help
  • Establish a meeting rhythm and clarify expectations during virtual huddles and team bonding events
  • Practice servant leadership and foster an environment in which the leader solicits feedback and can be challenged

Date: April 13, 2021
Time: 9:30 am – 11:00 am EST

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About Pete Tosh

Juandell Wilson, Trainer

As Founder of The Focus Group, Pete Tosh and other TFG consultants have provided strategic consulting and training services to manufacturing and service organizations across the U.S., Canada, Caribbean, Europe and the Middle East. Pete has worked closely with the senior leadership of organizations such as Exxon, Brink’s, EMC, State Farm Insurance, Marriott, N.C.I., Cracker Barrel, Freddie Mac, and YKK. Pete is also the co – author of ‘Leading Your Organization to the Next Level.’

Prior to founding his own firm 20 years ago, Pete had 15 years of extensive experience at the plant, divisional, and corporate levels in the Human Resource and Customer Satisfaction fields. Pete held leadership positions – to include the V.P. of Human Resources and Quality – with Allied Signal, Imperial Chemical Industries, Reynolds Metals and Charter Medical.

A significant amount of Pete’s experience has involved working within and consulting with rapidly growing organizations to include:

  • Completely developing the human resource function and staffing a 300 person manufacturing facility to become fully operational in seven months
  • Creating and delivering the human resource services necessary to support a for-profit hospital management firm’s international growth from 18 to 85 hospitals with the addition of 8,000 employees over an 8 year period
  • Implementing a customer loyalty enhancement and recovery program for the world’s premier international data storage provider while the company was doubling in size.

Pete also frequently creates and facilitates a wide variety of leadership development programs for organizations such as the American Management Association, The Georgia Employers’ Association & The Community Bankers’ Association — “Strategic Planning”, “Moving from an Operational Manager to a Strategic Thinker”, “Managing Organizational Change”, “Profiting from Total Service Leadership”, “Talent Management” and “Implementing & Utilizing the Proper H.R. Metrics.” Employees from over 4,500 organizations have benefited from Pete’s experience and insightful perspectives.

Pete holds a B.A. degree in Psychology from Emory and Henry College and Masters Degrees in both Business Administration and Industrial Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University.