Toxic Employees – Everybody Has One
Managing Toxic & Other Employees Who Have Attitude Issues

Tue, Mar 24, 2020 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT


Almost every organization has “that employee” who spreads discord within and outside the organization by outright or underhanded means.  “I don’t know what to do with them” is the most common response but not the best response.

The toxic employee problem is surprisingly prevalent & causes significant operational, people-related and financial damage – often even after the toxic employee has left.  A toxic employee’s visible behavior is often just the tip of the iceberg.  Unfortunately, too many organizations are unnecessarily enduring and suffering the consequences of toxic behavior.

Join Georgia Employers’ Association and Pete Tosh as he gives you proven methods to address the toxic employee issue.

Managing Toxic Employees

Who Should Attend the Webinar:

Any leader, manager, or supervisor who wants to improve skills, meet their managerial performance objectives and achieve greater results for their organization.

Topics Covered:

Toxic Employee Problems are Much Too Prevalent

  • 95% of employees say they have worked with a toxic personality
  • 64% say they are currently working with a toxic employee
  • 10% see toxic behavior daily

Addressing Toxic Employees through Attitudes, Behaviors and Consequences

  • How toxic employees leverage their “star status” and technical expertise
  • Key differences in toxic vs. emotionally intelligent personalities
  • Common toxic behaviors: shaming, humiliating, belittling, passive hostility & team sabotage

Common Reactions to Toxic Employees that Frequently Don’t Work & Can Even Make Matters Worse

  • Reorganizing and restructuring jobs
  • Tolerating the behavior due to the employee’s expertise or experience
  • Not assertively seeking feedback from employees
  • Not communicating the behaviors that will not be tolerated

Organizational and Managerial Initiatives Proven to Be Effective at Addressing & Preventative Toxicity

  • Organizational values
  • Behavior-specific performance standards
  • 360 and skip level feedback
  • Employee feedback surveys
  • Targeted counseling vs. coaching
  • Executive/Management coaches

Three Characteristics Shared by Team Players

  • How to encourage & instill those three traits across your organization

Join Us Tuesday, March 24 from 1:00 – 2:00PM EDT
Cost: $60/GEA Members or $75/Non-Members

Speaker: Pete Tosh, The Focus Group

Date: Tuesday, March 24
1:00pm – 2:00pm


GEA Members: $60
Non-Members: $75

Pete ToshPete Tosh is Founder of The Focus Group, a management consulting firm that assists organizations in sustaining their profitable growth through the management of four core disciplines:

  • Maximizing Leadership Effectiveness
  • Strategic Planning
  • Enhancing Customer Loyalty
  • Implementing Strategic HR Management Initiatives

These strategically focused consulting and training services have been provided to manufacturing and service organizations across the U.S., Canada, Europe, and the Middle East. Pete has worked closely with the senior management of organizations such as Exxon, Brink’s, EMC, State Farm Insurance, Marriott, N.C.I., Freddie Mac, and YKK to:

  • Align corporate organizational structures with their strategic initiatives — while insuring value creation for their customer bases
  • Ascertain customers’ primary needs and perceptions of organizations’ performance relative to that of their competitors
  • Develop and implement customer loyalty enhancement processes — based on specific customer feedback — that delivered sustainable advantages in the marketplace
  • Implement performance management programs, Executive Coaching, compensation systems and other HR processes to strategically direct and reward desired employee behavior

Prior to founding his own firm 25 years ago, Pete had 15 years of experience — at the plant, division, and corporate levels — in the Human Resource and Quality functions. Pete held leadership positions — to include V.P. of Human Resources and Quality — with Allied Signal, Imperial Chemical Industries, Reynolds Metals, Charter Medical, and Access Integrated Networks.

Pete also frequently creates and facilitates a wide variety of management development programs for organizations such as the American Management Association to include: ‘Moving from an Operational Manager to a Strategic Leader’, ‘Strategic Planning’, ‘Strategic HR Management’ and ‘Utilizing HR Metrics’. Employees from over 3,000 organizations have benefited from Pete’s experience and perspective. Pete is co-author of Leading Your Organization to the Next Level: the Six Core Disciplines of Sustained Profitable Growth.

Pete holds a B.A. degree in Psychology from Emory and Henry College and Masters degrees in both Business Administration and Industrial Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University.