Controlling the Cost and Risk of Workers’ Compensation

Mike Norris is a certified licensed athletic trainer who manages Piedmont Orthopaedic Complex’ onsite industrial clinic at Bluebird Corporation in Fort Valley, GA.  In this short video, Norris provides advice to employers on their choice of physicians to handle Workers’ Compensation claims. It is important to choose workers’ compensation physicians who affirm the objective of bringing injured employees back to work and have an understanding of the workers’ compensation requirements. Developing a good panel of physicians can directly impact the overall costs of Workers’ Compensation.

To learn more about physicians panels and other ways to control the costs of Workers Compensation, you’ll want to attend the upcoming  Workers Compensation Symposium, scheduled for August 24, 2017 in Augusta, GA.  Participants will hear from experts in the legal and medical fields and have an opportunity to interact with a panel that includes Judge Elizabeth Gobeil, Director, Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation. Click the link or the graphic for more information about the event.

WC Symposium Callout Image