The Manager didn’t like the hairstyle

From the What Were They Thinking Department 

A $12,000 settlement agreement earlier this month resolved a complaint filed by an employee of national check cashing company, PLS Financial Services of Massachusetts, Inc (PLS). The case, handled by the Massachusetts Attorney General’s office, involved an African American employee who was disciplined and ultimately terminated for not conforming to the store manager’s personal grooming standards.

In August 2018, the recently hired employee dyed his hair from black to blonde. The manager had previously discussed the style change in the job interview, stating that PLS would allow the hairstyle so long as the employee chose a “natural” color. When the newly-blonde worker appeared for a schedule shift, he was turned away – the manager allegedly expressed the opinion that blonde dye was not natural for someone who is African American.

PLS has agreed to pay $11,750 to settle the AG’s allegations and is also required to submit it’s anti-discrimination, diversity and inclusion, and dress or personal grooming-related policies to the AG’s Civil Rights Division for review. PLS will also foot the bill for all Massachusetts store managers to attend a comprehensive anti-discrimination program to be conducted by the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination.


Press Release: Check Cashing Company Agrees to Train Managers, Pay Nearly $12,000 to Resolve Allegations of Racial Discrimination,, 8/14/18.