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Recruiting in 2018

2018 will continue to be a tight market for talent. Across the US, employers have been struggling to find skilled candidates for openings they need to fill. The economy has essentially been at full employment since early 2016 when the unemployment rate dropped below 5 percent. For many skilled positions, the unemployment rates are even lower. According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics data, unemployment rates for many key financial and technology positions are less than 2%. At the same time, turnover rates are up, with increasing numbers of workers confident that they can improve their career prospects with a new employer.

With businesses continuing to expand at a steady pace, employers are developing new criteria and new strategies to overcome recruiting challenges. Some are considering entry-level candidates for roles that previously required experience. Others are taking another look at older job candidates, some of whom may be re-entering the workforce after several years.

Additional approaches include:

  • Increased use of interim professionals or consultants under contract
  • Flexible working arrangements including remote options when the position allows
  • More attention to onboarding programs and defined career paths for new employees

Across many industries, Georgia’s employers are taking a more intensive approach to sourcing the best talent.  They have their ears open continually, actively seeking candidates that could benefit their operations. And, they’re looking for help.

GEA is a Recruiting Resource

Even with a concentrated effort, some positions may be extremely difficult to fill in today’s economy. Georgia Employers’ Association provides members with excellent resources to help you expand your talent search. GEA partners with professional recruiting firms who can provide an array of services to source highly skilled candidates in your industry.

Several of our recruiting partners are listed on the Services and Resources  page of the GEA website. Don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance and for referrals to GEA partners who can help with your specific recruiting needs.


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