A new study by the Manpower Group draws conclusions that offer some encouragement for human workers. The subtitle for the report is Robots Need Not Apply: Human Solutions for the Skills Revolution.

The report acknowledges the rapid digital transformations that are occurring across the globe, but maintains that “human ingenuity and preference will be the lynch pin for how we leverage technology in our lives and businesses . . . with the right skills mix, people will augment rater than compete with technology.

Manpower Report Cover ImageThe study surveyed 20,000 employers in 42 countries about the impacts of automation on employment and the human skills they value most. A few of the findings:

  • 86% of employers do not expect automation to impact their workforce. 20% think that they will need more people, not fewer.
  • IT functions are expected to require the greatest increase in headcount. Administrative and Office functions won’t require as many humans.
  • Communication skills are the soft skill most valued by employers. They’re also the hardest to find.

The report is available as a free download. It includes two mini-case studies and strategies for employers as they prepare for digital transformation, changing business models, and shifting skill needs.


Skills Revolution 2.0, The Manpower Group, 2018.