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SoundRiver Advisors is pleased to provide a broad selection of retirement and executive benefits solutions through our alliance with Georgia Employers’ Association. SoundRiver helps business owners and their employees protect assets and grow personally by utilizing the efficiencies of their business through tax advantages and group buying power.


To be the trusted advisor in our clients’ financial lives and beyond, so that we can either provide advice or point our clients in the direction of an advocate who can.  We strive to build strong relationships with our clients so we are the first people they call when they have an important decision to make.


  • Place clients first; bound to a fiduciary standard
  • Unbiased solutions on an independent platform
  • Recommendations based on research, not headlines
  • Focus on continuing education


  • Specialized knowledge and expertise
  • Help you see the big picture and connect the dots
  • Make it easy for you
  • Understand business owners
  • To be your trusted advisor in all financial matters and beyond

SoundRiver Advisors provides Solutions for Businesses:

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