Alerting Your Leadership Team to the Benefits of Employee Engagement

The video below is a recording of a GEA webinar presented by Pete Tosh of The Focus Group on May 5, 2016. 


Engaged employees perform at a higher level and continual improvements in employee engagement enhance profitability. The webinar provides an overview of current research that demonstrates how engaged employees benefit their companies and provides examples of actions that companies take to improve employee engagement. Pete Tosh discusses 10 reasons for enhancing Employee Engagement:

  1. Engaged employees produce sustained profitability and growth.
  2. A majority of employees are not engaged.
  3. Extensive research has been conducted with conclusive results.
  4. There are proven economic benefits from increased employee engagement.
  5. Many well-managed companies are benefitting from employee engagement initiatives.
  6. Engagement is necessary for strategic execution.
  7. Supervisors are the key to improvements in employee engagement.
  8. Supervisors and managers continually have engagement coaching opportunities.
  9. Employees’ engagement needs are reasonable and achievable.
  10. There are practical methods for increasing engagement.

The webinar ends with a review of the methodology and costs for Georgia Employers’ Association’s Employee Engagement Survey.

GEA provides our members with information and assistance to help implement ongoing improvements in employee engagement. Click the links to learn more about Employee Engagement and how the Employee Engagement Survey can work for your organization.