Our Best Practices for Today’s Workplace Workshop is right around the corner, July 26 & 27.  If you’re still on the fence about attending, here are 10 reasons you may want to make the trip (presented David Letterman-style).

#10- Lake Lanier is a beautiful location and the lake is full!

#9- Learn how to investigate a harassment charge, and do it correctly.

#8- We’ll discuss how Worker’s Compensation claims can be lowered and not affect your next raise.

#7- You can take a day out of the office and still be home by 4:00 pm.

#6- The next time you take an UBER ride, you can discuss what a toxic culture is all about.

#5- You’ll understand what type of social media you can use at work and when.

#4- You’ll learn when your employer can question your social media postings.

#3- You can reassure your family that you have long-term care insurance in case you need it.

#2- If there is a protest at work, learn when it is job-related or simply a reason not to work.

And the top reason for attending the GEA Lake Lanier Workshop…

#1- You get a free lunch and also receive 6 HRCI credits while eating it!

Need a bit more information or want to register for the event?  Click here to read all about the Best Practices for Today’s Workplace Workshop.


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