Successfully Managing Toxic and Attitude-Ridden Employees

Tuesday, July 16, 2019
9:00- 1:00 pm
Flint Energies Downstairs Conference Room
98 Carl Vinson Parkway, Warner Robins

About the Class:

With 64% of people affirming they’ve worked alongside a toxic employee and 10% stating they observe toxic behavior on a daily basis, it’s a prevalent problem with many employers unsure of how to handle this adverse situation. Georgia Employers’ Association is pleased to provide a half-day training to equip business professionals and human resource leaders with tools and information to successfully identify and handle toxic employees.

Participants will learn how to address toxic employees through attitudes, behaviors and consequences, along with common reactions to expect while addressing these issues. In addition, the training will offer insight into organizational and managerial techniques that are effective for preventing future toxicity.


Supervisors & Managers responsible for implementing change; HR Professionals responsible for leading or guiding organizational change; Project Managers or Leaders involved in implementing change initiatives.

About the Trainer:

Leading the training is Pete Tosh, founder of The Focus Group.  For over 35 years, Pete has provided strategic consulting and training services to manufacturing and service organizations across the U.S., Canada, Caribbean, Europe and the Middle East. Pete has worked closely with the senior leadership of organizations such as Exxon, Brink’s, EMC, State Farm Insurance, Marriott, N.C.I., Cracker Barrel, Freddie Mac and YKK. Pete is also the co–author of Leading Your Organization to the Next Level.

Registration Cost:

GEA Members:$125