Georgia Employers’ Association

Since 1981, Georgia Employers’ Association (GEA) has provided training, consulting services, and a range of products and resources that help businesses manage risk, develop leadership capabilities, and build an engaged workforce.

Georgia Employers’ Association provides members with a cost-effective source for legal and regulatory information, recruiting assistance, and HR services. GEA provides a single source for an umbrella of resources businesses need to operate profitably and efficiently. From legal assistance to insurance, GEA provides the best options for professional services members need to succeed.

Ask our members about the benefits. They’ll tell you that GEA is an exceptional value, with benefits that far exceed the annual cost of membership.

Training Opportunities:

August 28, 2019Leadership Training Series Fall Kick-Off, Session 1Macon
September 11, 2019Leadership Training Series, Session 2Macon
September 23-24HR Leadership Academy Kick Off Savannah
October 2, 2019Leadership Training Series, Session 3Macon
October 3 - November 14PHR/SPHR Certification TrainingMacon
October 16HR Leadership Academy Southwire Visit Carrollton
October 23, 2019Leadership Training Series, Session 4Macon
November 6 - 7Fall ConferenceThe Ritz Carlton, Lake Oconee
November 13, 2019Leadership Training Series, Session 5Macon
December 4, 2019Leadership Training Series, Session 6Macon
December 6HR Leadership Academy Kia Mfg. Visit West Point

Promoting Georgia Business

The Georgia Employers’ Association is a private, non-profit association that supports the interests of Georgia Business. The Georgia Employers’ Association membership includes more than 200 companies from the manufacturing, service, and financial sectors.

GEA offers members:

  • Services to Promote Continued Operational Excellence
  • Professional Success Through Special Educational Opportunities
  • A Wide Variety of Consulting Services
  • HR Solutions
  • Professional Networking
GEA Membership Callout Graphic