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Georgia Employers’ Association

Since 1981, Georgia Employers’ Association (GEA) has provided training, consulting services, and a range of products and resources that help businesses manage risk, develop leadership capabilities, and build an engaged workforce.

Georgia Employers’ Association provides members with a cost-effective source for legal and regulatory information, recruiting assistance, and HR services. GEA provides a single source for an umbrella of resources businesses need to operate profitably and efficiently. From legal assistance to insurance, GEA provides the best options for professional services members need to succeed.

Ask our members about the benefits. They’ll tell you that GEA is an exceptional value, with benefits that far exceed the annual cost of membership.

Register now for the Georgia Employers’ Association Spring Conference. We’ll meet at the Westin Resort in beautiful Savannah for three days of fun, networking, and education. This year’s conference will feature break-out sessions on interesting topics and presentations by business leaders, legal experts, and HR professionals. Click the image or the links for more information about the GEA 2018 Spring Conference and Online Registration.
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Customer Service Representatives are important to the success of any organization. They influence customers’ opinions and make impressions that influence perceptions of your brand. Because they’re so important, training is critical. Exceeding Customer Expectationsa half-day workshop scheduled for May 9 in Macon, helps customer service representatives to understand the customers’ viewpoint and helps them to provide an excellent customer experience. Click the link or the image to learn more about the training.

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Featured Services

Employee Engagement Survey

EE Gears ImageEnhancing Employee Engagement can produce real benefits that accrue throughout your organization. The results are fewer employee relations issues, a more stable workforce, and increased profits. Enhancing Employee Engagement can produce significant benefits that accrue throughout your organization, and the investment costs are very affordable.

Georgia Employers’ Association’s Employee Engagement Survey is the first logical step to identify opportunities in your organization.  Based on the latest employee and organizational performance research, GEA’s survey  provides an in-depth analysis of the significant factors that affect engagement. We’ve recently changed our fee schedule to encourage our members to utilize this valuable benefit. Click the links to learn more about Employee Engagement and GEA’s Employee Engagement Survey.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

As an employer, you have an ethical and a legal obligation to maintain a working environment that’s free from discrimination and sexual harassment. Recent high profile incidents of sexual harassment have increased public awareness of workplace issues and the #metoo response from women across the US provides an indication of the pervasive nature of sexual harassment and sexual discrimination problems.

Is sexual harassment occuring within your organization?

If so, you’re at risk. Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, employees can file claims with the EEOC and seek remedies that range from lost wages to punitive damages. Beyond the cost of legal claims, sexual harassment incidents can negatively affect morale and the working environment, reduce productivity, and damage your company’s brand and reputation.

Click the link to learn more about GEA’s Sexual Harassment Prevention Training program. It’s held at your workplace and customizable to meet the needs of your organization.

Promoting Georgia Business

The Georgia Employers’ Association is a private, non-profit association that supports the interests of Georgia Business. The Georgia Employers’ Association membership includes more than 200 companies from the manufacturing, service, and financial sectors.

GEA offers members:

  • Services to Promote Continued Operational Excellence
  • Professional Success Through Special Educational Opportunities
  • A Wide Variety of Consulting Services
  • HR Solutions
  • Professional Networking
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