Frequently Asked Questions About Membership

Q. Who can join The Georgia Employers Association as a member?

A. We support company and organization memberships, rather than individual memberships.

Q. Does an organization have to be a member to use the association’s offered services?

A. For some services, yes. Only members have access to the members-only HR and Safety/Environmental Hotline. Our compensation surveys, training resources, and many of our professional and consulting services may be utilized by non-members; however, fees are significantly higher than our member rates.

Q. Who are GEA’s members?

A. Our members are manufacturers, professional, service, warehousing/distribution and/or nonprofit organizations. Members are located throughout Georgia, but many members are from other states as well.

Q. How much are our dues or membership investment?

A. Annual membership dues are based on the number of employees within your organization. Dues range from $500 to $2,500 per year.

Q. What do I receive with my membership?

A. Your paid membership allows you access to our HR and Safety/Environmental Hotline. Quite often legal advice is needed. We work with a top Labor Law firm and can conference in an attorney who specializes in your area of concern for “armchair legal advice” at no extra charge! Also you will receive our weekly online newsletter and GEA bulletins, an invitation to our Leadership Conferences at a discounted rate, a free orientation meeting for all new members, and discounted and competitive rates on training, consulting and professional services. Additionally you receive the opportunity to learn and gain relevant information through Member Wage and Benefits surveys and networking.

These are just a few of the benefits of membership in GEA. For a more complete list, see our Benefits of Membership page.

Q. What types of training does The Georgia Employers’ Association provide?

A. GEA provides a wide and varied selection of training workshops, seminars, and webinars. Our signature programs and most frequently requested include:

  • Diversity
  • Sexual Harassment for Managers
  • Sexual Harassment for Employees
  • Supervisory and Leadership Training
    Equal Employment Opportunity and Compliance Programs
  • Performance Appraisal Development and Implementation
  • Advanced Communication Skills
  • Interviewing Techniques
  • Personnel Files & Record Retention
  • HR Alphabet Soup (An overview of federal and state laws)
  • The Six Core Disciplines of Sustained, Profitable Growth

GEA understands that one size does not fit all. Customized and specialized training can also be developed to meet your needs upon request.

Q. Who conducts your Management and Leadership Training? How is training designed to assure maximum impact?

A. Our training and consulting services are provided by GEA staff professionals as well as training and legal consultations by seasoned expert providers with management and training backgrounds. Seminars and scheduled Management Education Classes are conducted at our offices as well as on site at member businesses.

Q. Why should a company choose GEA instead of another association or consulting firm?

A. As an employer based association, we make it our business to know your business and the businesses around you. This includes the best local survey data available, an intimate understanding of local business practices, and in-depth and accurate knowledge of employment law. We are one of the most cost-effective solutions to your business challenges. We will be your business partner.

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