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Assessment Linked to Business Goals

ASSESS Selection and Development System is a comprehensive yet flexible web-based employee assessment system that links job performance to an organization’s business goals and objectives. The ASSESS System psychologists have assessed millions of people in a broad spectrum of industries and positions spanning 42 countries and supporting 16 languages. Backed by nearly 30 years of research, our selection solutions and job-and culture-specific assessments provide the information you need to make a confident hiring decision.

Why ASSESS is the best employee testing for selection and development:

  • Reports are written in an easy to read and understand straightforward manner.
  • 72 validated job templates for sales, management, engineering, accounting, insurance, and more.
  • 38 competencies make up 9 proven competency models for leadership, management, sales, and professionals or customize your own.
  • 4 critical job functions: critical thinking/decision making, approach to work, relationship management, and when applicable leadership style.
  • Reports for screening, selection, development and 360 multi-rater feedback.

The ASSESS system accommodates every stage of the employee life cycle delivering five different report formats are available: Standard, Screening, Selection, Development and 360 Multi-rater Feedback.

What’s more, every assessment is validated, predictive, and compliant with EEO. Results are written in “plain English” too – no psychologist necessary!

ASSESS can be used for leadership, management, sales, finance, accounting, and other positions.

Details about ASSESS are available on the Success Performance Systems website. For more information, submit our information request form or call Success Performance Solutions at 800-803-4303.

Direct consultation is available from Success Performance Solutions to help you formulate an assessment plan that will meet the specific hiring and development needs of your organization. Special discounts and pricing are available to GEA members for all assessments available from Success Performance Solutions. Please contact SPS for pricing information.