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The PeopleClues Suite

PeopleClues is a suite of pre-employment assessment tests and benchmarking tools that identify candidates with an aptitude for on-the-job success.

What makes PeopleClues the right choice?

Employers can mix and match job candidates to 120+ benchmarked job templates and screen for specific job skills, aptitude, job fit, employee attitude and even counter-productive behaviors. These applicants can then be compared to employees in multiple industries, jobs, and roles.

Gears Art 4PeopleClues assessments offer:

  • Short completion time (7-20 minute average)
  • Straightforward, highly visual assessment results
  • Custom job categories for 120+ jobs in over a dozen industries including retail, property management, sales, restaurants, call centers, C-Stores and more
  • Multiple languages (Spanish and English – call for more languages in development)
  • Scientifically validated, legally defensible results
  • Suggested behavioral interview questions that help the hiring manager dig deeper into particular areas

4 Types of Reports

  • Personality
  • General Reasoning
  • Attitude
  • Engagement

Details about the PeopleClues suite of assessments are available on the Success Performance Systems website. For more information, submit our information request form or call Success Performance Solutions at 800-803-4303.

Direct consultation is available from Success Performance Solutions to help you formulate an assessment plan that will meet the specific hiring and development needs of your organization. Special discounts and pricing are available to GEA members for all assessments available from Success Performance Solutions. Please contact SPS for pricing information.