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How do you prevent sexual harassment and discrimination at your workplace?

As an employer, you have an ethical and a legal obligation to maintain a working environment that’s free from discrimination and sexual harassment. Recent high profile incidents of sexual harassment have increased public awareness of workplace issues and the #metoo response from women across the US provides an indication of the pervasive nature of sexual harassment and sexual discrimination problems.

Is sexual harassment occuring within your organization?

If so, you’re at risk. Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, employees can file claims with the EEOC and seek remedies that range from lost wages to punitive damages.  Beyond the cost of legal claims, sexual harassment incidents can negatively affect morale and the working environment, reduce productivity, and damage your company’s brand and reputation.

It’s a good time to be proactive with sexual harassment prevention training

Even if your organization has a sexual harassment policy in place, it’s a very good idea to conduct training now, before an incident occurs that causes damage to your business. Georgia Employers’ Association provides an excellent resource for effective training on a set of topics that can be viewed as “sensitive” by both employees and managers.

Why GEA training for sexual harassment prevention makes good sense:

  1. Credibility – GEA can share experiences and perspectives across a range of industries and Georgia businesses. Your employees and managers may pay more attention to outside experts that to internal trainers or managers that they interact with during their business day.
  2. Legal Analysis – GEA trainers or attorneys from Constangy, Brooks, Smith, and Prophete can detail legal obligations, risks, and liabilities.
  3. Cost effective – training can be customized to fit the needs of your organization.
  4. Pro-active – conducting training now can prevent expensive claims and the damage caused when a sexual harassment incident occurs.

Training topics

GEA’s sexual harassment prevention training covers a broad range of topics designed to help your employees and managers understand potential problems. We’ll also provide practical guidance for policies and procedures. Here are a few of the topics we’ll cover in the training:

  • Legal Implications: Quid Pro Quo and Hostile Work Environment Violations
  • Subjective and Objective Assessments of Sexual Harassment
  • How harassment claims can turn into OSHA violations
  • Practical guidance for sexual harassment investigations
  • Understanding Cyber-harassment and how it affects the workplace
  • The importance of creating a positive culture
  • Specific policies to implement

Contact GEA now to schedule training at your workplace

Contact GEA by phone or fill out the form on this page to schedule sexual harassment prevention training at your workplace.  We’ll get in touch with you promptly to discuss any specific training needs that are important to your organization.  

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