How to Enhance Employee Engagement & Improve Your Organization’s Performance

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Time: Aug 25, 2020  1:00 PM – 2:00 PM  Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Presenter Pete Tosh

Overview: Businesses today are striving to generate greater productivity, quality, customer satisfaction and profitability – with fewer employees. And Employee Engagement is a proven method for doing just that.
Engaged employees:
Expend discretionary effort – doing more than they are asked
Work the hardest, stay the longest and perform to their capabilities

Employee Engagement has been well researched in studies by Gallup, Willis Towers Watson, Hay Group, DDI, The Conference Board, World at Work & Aon Hewitt. When leadership teams become aware of the economic benefits of engaged employees, they usually want to take advantage of the opportunity and avoid ‘leaving money on the table’.

Topics to Be Discussed

Just What is Employee Engagement?

  • Characteristics of engaged employees
  • How strategy + employee engagement = strategy execution

The Business Case for Increasing Employee Engagement

  • Highlights of the research studies involving multiple industries, over 20 years, with large samples of employees
  • Why engagement is worth the effort

Companies Utilizing Employee Engagement

  • Brand name organizations that have found that their facilities with higher engagement have lower turnover, fewer accidents, increased productivity and high profitability

The Significance of the Role of Managers

  • Engagement is based more on employees’ opinions of their manager – than of the company
  • Managers can impact discretionary effort by 20% or more

How Effective Managers Release Their Employees’ Potential

  • Utilizing manager – employee touch points
  • Employee performance needs that are correlated with positive business outcomes
  • Practical ways for managers to meet employees’ performance needs 
Time: Aug 25, 2020  1:00 PM – 2:00 PM  Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Presenter Pete Tosh